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Today we’d like to talk about five home details you can incorporate into your design TODAY that will set your home a part! These purchases, however small and un-impactful they may seem at first, will leave your space feeling thoughtful and your design decisions, intentional! And they can all be purchased from one place: Rejuvenation.

Every project of ours features Rejuvenation products. They are our FIRST source for cabinet hardware and mirrors. Not to mention, we always present clients with their plumbing, bath hardware, lighting options and more! Since 1977, Rejuvenation has been gracing the world with their quality, handmade products. Their custom designs with multiple finish options are handmade in the US, but continue to transform spaces all over the world. It’s no secret, we love their work! So lets see what else they have to offer, beyond the “standard” order:

Five Home Purchases You Never Knew You Needed, Until Now!


Personalize your home’s exterior with a brand new set of house numbers! Add charm to your front porch, draw attention to your door and stand out amongst your neighbors. Plus, isn’t it fun how the different font styles can be used to reflect your own personal style? This quick and easy install should be a mandatory detail for your home!


Is there anything more charming than a mail slot on or near your front door? I just looveee the look of them! Useable or not, who doesn’t want to feel like they live in a charming English cottage? But for those of you who need your every day standard mailbox, Rejuvenation has not forgotten you! And with their options, you’ll know its time for a refresh! Because who says it has to lack in style? Nobody! We love these selections and their array of finish options!


Now here’s one I’ve been dying to win clients over with… The brass switchplate! Aren’t they beautiful? And how drastically they change the look of your home! All I want to know is, when did the white plastic covers become a thing? Do you feel me on this one? NEED. WANT. GOTTA HAVE.


Ahhh door hardware. Who knew there could be such beautiful options? This is one way to quickly upgrade the look of your ENTIRE house! First, paint your doors and moldings, then swap out the hardware. Here are the Rejuvenation options we’re currently drooling over! But let’s be honest, they’re all too good to be true.


One of my absolute most favorite design elements from our Fort Villa Project! Because again, who knew a register could be so stunning? These patterns and finishes are so timeless and beautiful, we can’t get enough! And before now, you probably didn’t know you needed them either. But let’s be frank, they’re a must!

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