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Crafting the perfect pillow combination can surprisingly be a lot of work. From scouring the web to source the prettiest patterns down to the precise groupings for your sofa, you could end up putting in a lot of time! I know we do as we prep for new pillow collection launches over at Shop Ames Interiors!

But whether you’re ready to shop our curated selection of designer pillows or not, today we’re sharing our tips for impeccable pillow pairings!

Starting with color palette.

Using the color of the sofa as a starting point, we like to create a palette based off of 2 neutrals and 2 colors. Neutral color examples could include: whites, creams, tans, browns, grays or blacks. Whereas your colors may include: oranges, pinks, greens, blues or purples.

We like this approach because it keeps your design feeling thoughtful! Less like you threw together every pillow you’ve ever purchased onto one couch. Rather than feeling too busy or cluttered, the intent is there. So really narrow in on the colors that you’re trying to accent in the space. The two neutral colors you select are what’s going to provide that natural flow between transitioning hues. The focus now becomes less about color, and more about pattern and texture.

Below is one example of a seamless color palette. Using our two neutral color selections: white and tan. And our other two color picks: pale pink and rusty orange.

Let’s talk about pattern.

Q: “Is it okay to have repeating patterns, let’s say for instance, stripes?”

A: YES! Don't be afraid to select pillows that have a similar ornamentation. But do make sure they differ ever so slightly. For instance, in our above example, the Wut pillow features a stripe pattern through a woven stitching. The Niran pillow features a horizontal pin-stripe pattern. And the Casco pillow features vertical stripes of varying width. They’re all considered striped pillows by nature, but none of them feel the same. It’s how you playfully mix your patterns that creates the most interest while still feeling cohesive!

Now, curious to see how we like to switch up our pillow combinations throughout the year without breaking the bank? Below is an example of a totally different color palette, using three of the same pillows from above. This creates a totally different feel for let’s say a differing season, minus the spendy charge of all new pillows!


The last thing we need to talk about in regards to your perfect pillow combinations is sizing! Now our rule here goes as follows: each corner should feature a group of 2 or 3 pillows.

For corners featuring just 2 pillows we suggest using a 22” x 22” in back and a 14” x 22” lumbar in front.

For corners featuring 3 pillows we recommend using a 22” x 22” pillow in back, layered with a 20” x 20” and a 14” x 22” lumbar in front.

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Remember, it’s just as important to play with SCALE as it is pattern, texture and color! It’s all about layering. So don’t forget to add a throw blanket into your mix! It’s basically the icing on top for your layered, cohesive and cozy looking sofa.

That’s all for now, so be sure to check back here for more future design tips and tricks!

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