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Let’s talk about gallery walls, shall we?

Because we all know what a headache they can be! Trust us when we say, we’ve been there! I won’t even tell you how many hours we spent configuring the TEN FOOT wide gallery wall that hung in the #fortvillaproject hallway. But needless to say, it was a lot. So today we’re sharing allll the details with you so you can get the look! Got the space? Copy and paste! Otherwise, cut it down and customize it to your home’s needs with our tips and sources!

Below, is a rendering of our plan as well as a guided list of frame sizes and colors, print sizes and direct links!

Gallery Wall Layout.jpg

No. 1 // Frame: 16” x 20”, with mat, Print: 12 x 16” | No. 2 // Frame: 16” x 20”, with mat, Print: 12” x 16” | No. 3 // Frame: 5" x 7”, with mat, Print: 5” x 7” | No. 4 // Frame: 12” x 16”, with mat, Print: 8” x 10” | No. 5 // Frame: 5” x 7”, with mat, Print: 5” x 7” | No. 6 // Frame: 8” x 10”, with mat, Print: 5” x 7” | No. 7 // Frame: 10” x 20”, with mat, Print: 5” x 7”, Print: 5” x 7”, Print: 5” x 7” | No. 8 // Frame: 12” x 16”, with mat, Print: 8” x 10” | No. 9 // Frame: 20” x 20”, with mat, Print: 16” x 16” | No. 10 // Frame: 16” x 20”, without mat, Similar Print: 16” x 20” | No. 11 // Frame: 12” x 16”, with mat, Print: 8” x 10” | No. 12 // Frame: 8” x 10”, without mat, Similar Print: 8” x 10” | No. 13 // Frame: 20” x 30”, with mat, Print: 16” x 20”

Are we making this simple for you?

Let’s give you a few more tips and tricks to remember along the way!

1. When selecting frame colors, always cluster coordinating ones together. To avoid your gallery wall from looking too planned, we like to make sure the same colored frames are grouped next to each other in small batches, as much as possible! We LOVE how the flow of contrasting colors turned out in this gallery wall!

A crappy iPhone photo to show you this gallery wall as a whole!

( excuse our crappy iPhone photo, but we wanted you to be able to see the gallery wall as a whole )

2. Stick to using mat boarders for most of your frames. We only went without two mat boarders on this design, simply because we love the look! They add a sort of professional vibe to your prints (so no one can tell your frames are Ikea!) Plus, it allows you to print smaller photos.. saving you money! Just be sure to tape your print to the border so it doesn't move within your frame! Nobody needs a gallery wall that requires maintenance!

3. Browsing Etsy as a source for downloadable art is a huge money saver! There are so many great artists that have digitalized their beautiful work and allow you to purchase the download for CHEAP! Then simply print the photos out at your local print shop. This was our first time experimenting with this and we have nothing but good remarks!

4. Go the extra mile for a seamless install! Trace your frame sizes on packing paper and tape them in place before you pull out the hammer! This will allow you to move them around, several times, if needed. And trust me, it will probably be needed! Then step back and snap a photo or two. Make sure you like how you’ve laid it out from every possible angle. We like to opt for just one whole in the wall, per frame. And this is a golden clad solution! Mark the paper where your nail needs to go and hammer through it before even touching your framed prints!

B5CBBA6F-D6F6-4FF7-B47F-FC9706E38FA3 3.JPG
Ames Interiors Fort Villa-70.jpg

This . . . will become THIS!!

Your gallery wall producing skills will only go up from here! Add to it over time or create new layouts for different areas in your home. Have more questions? Leave them in the comments below and we’ll be sure to help you out! And if you do attempt this look, make sure to tag us on instagram: @amesinteriors + #amesinteriorsfeature

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