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ASK AMY | OCT 16, 2019

Q: What is your most favorite way to do an accent wall in a modern/traditional house? Wallpaper, trimmed out wall, etc?

A: For a home with a modern/traditional style, may we suggest the following options:



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Our favorite way to accent the walls of a home. Decorative panelling creates such a luxe look! Especially when it’s subtle. Skip the accent color and let your design speak for itself. It’s sure to bring an extra layer of texture, depth and drama to your space. And the options are endless!



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To best compliment this style, try a subtle wallpaper. A traditional pattern or pretty floral in soft hues would be perfect! And don’t be afraid to extend your “accent wall.” We love a good powder bath, dining room, kid’s space or laundry room in head to toe wallpaper.



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Have you thought to do a gallery wall? Photos are the perfect way to accent a blank wall. Plus, they add such a personal touch and charming feel to your home. For a more traditional look, try using the same size and same colored frame. The repetitiveness is simple, yet refreshing!



ASK AMY | OCT 9, 2019

Q: If you can’t afford to do wood floors in your kitchen/living area - what flooring would you suggest?

A: Let me first suggest engineered bamboo. Have you heard of it? A nice quality bamboo flooring can be just as durable as a traditional hardwood floor. Although, it’s much more susceptible to scratches and dings. So if it’s just a “filler” option you’re looking for, this might be your best bet for now. You get the look of hardwood (no laminate fans over here) but for a fraction of the cost!

Otherwise, have you considered tile? It’s my personal opinion that this option is becoming less and less odd for these main living areas. Just throw some chunky rugs down and viola! There are so many great and affordable tile options out there, the possibilities could be endless for you! But here’s some inspiration just incase you need a boost.




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